Quality Inspection

1. Color Inspection

mep-hexa.co.th   mep-hexa.co.th   We provide the efficiency equipments for color measurement
under the operation by the professional and experienced person in
color matching.

2. Contamination Inspection

mep-hex.co.th   Contamination is our priority, we do emphasize our inspection process https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/commander-sildenafil-100-win/ to prevent of contamination with foreign object in our product  by set up the Contamination Inspection Standard that could response to customer's requirement. From this reason, we've gain the customer's trust for long time

3. Properties Inspection

     Physical Properties
          Particle Size
          Specific Gravity
     Mechanical Properties**
          Tensile strength
          Compressive strength
          Impact strength
  mep-hexa.co.th   mep-hexa.co.th