MHTL aims to consistently improve ourselves in order to be a leading Company of Plastics Coloring and compounding in Thailand to satisfy customers and related parties with our products and excellent services; at the same time, we dedicate ourselves to developing Thai society. To achieve these, we bring in knowledge, new technology, as well as the innovation created by our employees who have been provided consistent development in order to utilize their own maximum abilities.
• Improve and develop product quality and reduce delivery cost in order to serve customers’ needs promptly and constantly.
• Dedicate to improving and developing organization structure and tools in order to respond to the changes according to customers’ needs, also fully focus on employees training.
• Comply with Thai laws and regulations and pay attention to safety and good environment as well as transparent and fair corporate governance.
• Team work of all employees by building trust, harmony, and compliance with rules in order to enhance product quality, employee efficiency, competitiveness, which lead to the good performance.


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